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March Update: More Free Safety Goggles

March Update: More Free Safety Goggles

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Hey everybody! Rocco DeLuca, Detectable Warning Products back with your March update.

And this month's update - More Free Safety Goggles!

We just got 11 gross of them in. And you've been so loyal and so great, we started the year off with a bang - January sales were great, February, I don't even know if we needed an incentive, it was just a great response from you.

So, what I am doing is, because we have so many of these, I'm going to send a box of a dozen to every customer in January that spent over $1,000 as well, and then of course for the February sales, and I'm going to extend it to March 31st or until supplies last.

So, call me or text me at 401- 473- 5584 or email me, or go right on our website and you can place your order there and I will get forwarded all the orders that are $1,000 or more.

So, please take advantage of it, we'd love to send them to you, we're going to be boxing and wrapping and getting everything ready as this month ends and you should be getting your goggles shortly.

Other than that, if you have any questions about product materials, about availability or pricing or even installation issues, just reach out to me, and I will get back to you immediately. Text is always my quickest response, phone, or email.

Thank you and have an awesome March.

And remember, on time every time, at the lowest cost, that's the DWP guarantee!

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