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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is DWP Located?

We are where YOU are. We have warehouses all over the USA. We ship from the manufacturing warehouse closest to you.

What Type of Material and Colors are available?

DWP has Every Type and color that will be on any of your Projects Specifications. Material types such as: Composite, Cast Iron, Galvanized & Stainless Steel, Concrete, Polymer and even LOGO’d Detectable Warning Panels. With 9 Standard in stock colors.

How Fast Can I Get the product I order?

DWP typically ships Next day, and sometimes Same Day, depending on daily volume. Most deliveries times are 1-2 transit.  Occasionally, if you happened to be at the furthest Point from an MFGs where house, the maximum time would be 5 days.

Are All of Your Products in Stock?

YES!  There may be an odd instant that a seldom used product or color. May be out of stock. But that is never more than a few days away. On Products like our Cast Iron, if we don’t have the color in stock, we can have It ready to ship in 24-48 hours!

Are Your Prices Competitive?

YES!  So much so, that we guarantee Lowest Cost on every order.

How Long Will You Hold Pricing for an Ongoing Project?

Normally, as long as you issue a PO for the entire project, we will hold that price until the project is complete. Each long term project you have will need some detailed conversations, so we can accommodate you in the best way possible.