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ADA Mats

ADA Applications

  • Save time and money with Detectable Warning Panels’ easy-to-install truncated dome mats
  • Comply with ADA requirements for detectable warning on curb ramps with Detectable Warning Panels’ truncated dome mats
Truncated Dome Mats are required by ADA to warn and assist blind and visually-impaired pedestrians approaching intersections, vehicle areas, and hazardous drop-offs. Detectable Warning Products Inc. (DWP) offers superior quality cast-in-place & surface applied, ADA compliant Truncated Dome Mats. We also offer our surface applied Truncated Dome Mats with Peel and Stick Technology, making them super-easy to use. DWP, Inc provides ADA mats for ALL applications, including both Concrete and Asphalt surfaces, and meet the necessary requirements for a minimum depth for truncated domes. The pre-molded Truncated Domes Mats are available in fiber-reinforced composite, polymer-modified, Cast Iron, Concrete & Stainless Steel as well. Color Core Truncated Dome mats come with UV-protective resins. They require minimal preparation and can be quickly installed. Cast in place simply dropped into the wet concrete, while surface applied are laid in place and simply install the provided anchors. This makes for a fast and easy application to clean, dry surfaces.

Features of Detectable Warning Panels’ ADA compliant Truncated Dome Mats
  • Our most popular (most specified) truncated dome mats are made of exterior grade homogeneous (uniform color, throughout thickness of product) glass and carbon reinforced polyester based Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) composite material.
  • Flexible Truncated Dome Mats are ideal for use on asphalt surfaces as well.
  • No special tools, drilling, or anchoring hardware required for installation of our Cast in Place ADA Truncated Dome Mats.
  • The mats are lightweight and easy to handle
  • DWP provides cost-effective options for your new construction & retrofitting projects.
  • 7 Years Warranty

Why use Detectable Warning Panels’ ADA compliant Truncated Dome Mats
Professional concrete installers know which ADA Truncated Dome Mats install with the most ease, and have level of quality to avoid call backs for product or installation failure. Those crews/companies are the ones who are switching from traditional vendors and chosing DWP, Inc as their provider because we can provide EVERY TYPE of Truncated Dome they have specified on their project, or that they KNOW is their best option for their application. Whether surface-mounted or wet concrete cast-in-place, in ANY Material, Detectable Warning Products PROVIDES ADA compliant products from Rigid to Flexible mats, DWP, Inc will make sure you are in compliance, at the lowest cost for the Highest Quality Detectable Warning Truncated Mat. 

Note: Avoid application in wet conditions or when rain is imminent.

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