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Pavers Information

Choose detectable warning pavers that best meet your requirements for use and desired look of the finished project

Detectable Warning Panels’ Detectable Warning Pavers are designed to aid partially sighted and blind pedestrians crossing blends with the vehicular road, without a railing or a curb. Manufactured to meet detectable warnings requirements set forth in the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the top surface of our pavers have non-slip properties and raised truncated domes, which are readily detectable underfoot or by a cane. Our pavers can be used for installations in areas including but not limited to railway platforms, handicap ramps or curb and grade changes.


    • Durable - Our detectable warning plates are well-suited for projects where fresh concrete is poured. The surface is embedded into the fresh concrete and remains in place – once the concrete fully sets.
    • Cast-in-Place Replaceable - Our detectable warning surface is similar to cast-in-place warning surface products with one exception. Our pavers can be replaced and changed easily without needing to remove the entire panel embedded into the concrete.
    • Easy and Quick to Install – The detectable warning pavers can be surface-applied and are ideal for use in retrofitted and new construction projects. The panels are easy and quick to install.
    • Ideal for use in corners and other curved areas – Our detectable warning pavers can be used around corners and other curved areas for a continuous warning surface.
    • Multiple Options – Our detectable warning pavers can be availed in several sizes and colors to suit design requirements. They come in 10 standard colors and 5 standard patterns. Custom colors and pavers with a flat finish are also available. Custom colors and sizes are available on special request when quantities permit.
Detectable Warning Panels is the trusted choice for many designers, engineers and building professionals. We refuse to cut corners and our commitment is to offer you impeccable quality in all our offerings. If you have any questions, get in touch with us. Our representatives can assist you determine which installation will best suit your needs.