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Detectable Warning Products Expert

Detectable Warning Panels

On a daily basis, we receive questions about the manufacturing, installation, and durability of our products. I am proud to share that we have been in this specific industry since the mandate began in 2001.

My commitment to long term involvement in this specific industry and product has gained me a unique wealth of information and knowledge. I have personally installed thousands of square feet of detectable warning panels (truncated domes. Additionally, I have been deeply involved with the drafting, submission, and approval process with DOTs, municipalities in multiple states, and entities nationwide.


You can reach me 24 hours a day, Monday - Saturday, and I will personally get you the answers you need to move forward without delay.  Call me directly at 401.473.5587 or email me at for the answers you need.

What Matters to You


Rocco A. DeLuca, CEO and Founder


Our products are helping grow America’s economy. At a time of so much uncertainty, our outdoor construction industry is blessed to be able to continue to move forward at an impressive rate. At DWP, we are doing our best to assist on new construction as well as reconstruction projects, fully participating in one of the parts of our economy that continues to provide jobs for hard working Americans. By purchasing our products, you are assisting with this endeavor.

As the owner of DWP, Inc, I can assure you we put our customer’s needs ahead of our profits. You can trust you are receiving the lowest cost without sacrificing quality, standards, or customer service.

 Investing in American Construction


At Detectable Warning Products, we are proud of our investment in the American construction industry, and truly understand the marketplace we serve. We are proud to have worked side-by-side with thousands of contractors throughout the past 20 years. Through resourcefulness, productivity and fine-tuned innovation - with an eye on the YOUR bottom line costs - we will continue to provide the finest truncated domes you can purchase.


 Commitment to Quality

DWP is committed to selling the finest products on the market at the lowest prices with the best available customer service. We promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Around the Globe

Around the Globe

Did you know we have the capability to ship any of our products around the globe? Our products are used in construction on every continent. Contact us to learn more.