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Warn and assist blind or visually-impaired pedestrians with Detectable Warning Panels

At Detectable Warning Panels, we carry virtually every type of Truncated Dome Tiles! Our collection of Detectable Warning Panels consists of multiple varieties of Concrete, Granite, Stainless Steel, Composite, Surface Applied, Cast in Place, and Cast in Place (replaceable) Detectable Warning Tiles. Need panels in custom colors? We have got you covered! We can provide you with quotes on the specified color/product you are looking for your unique project requirements. All our products comply with American Disability Act (ADA) Regulations.

Concrete, Granite, Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel–We Have It All!

  • Concrete - Our Concrete Detectable Warning Pavers/Panels can be installed in wet concrete or on a bed of sand. Stocked colors available in concrete are Charcoal, Red15, and Yellow. Special colors available upon request!
  • Stainless Steel - Our Stainless Steel Truncated Dome Tiles are available in two options: Cast in Place and Surface Applied. Surface Applied are laid on top of the surface, caulked and screwed down, while Cast in Place is pressed into freshly poured concrete. Flanged OLF are also available!
  • Cast Iron - Our Cast Iron Detectable Warning Tilesare meant for use in new construction applications, as they are placed and pressed into freshly poured, wet concrete. We offer two options in Cast Iron panels: A Quick Connect system and a Bolted Version. Quick Connect provides an overlapping system as they drop in place. Bolted Version is assembled on-site before being placed in concrete.
  • Granite - Our Granite Detectable Warning Tiles can be installed in wet concrete or on a bed of sand. They are available in multiple colors–Mahogany, Carnation, Basalt Black, Evergreen, Ashford White, and Crimson Red.

We also offer -

Logo’d Panels

Logo'd Truncated Dome Tiles offer complete customization of graphics to users, ranging from simple to high-quality graphics and colors. By making use of highly visible & otherwise unusable space, these panels provide an excellent advertising opportunity and literally turn a mandatory (ADA compliant) expense into a residual income producer for the end-user. With pre-drilled holes for surface applied, and pre-installed anchors for cast in place, the panels can be installed in a quick time. Replacement is even faster!

Searching for something that you are unable to find on our website? Get in touch with us! Give us a call at 401-473-5584 or mail us at info@dwpnow.com. We will send you the information and pricing for the product you are looking for!