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ADA Tactile

Help visually-impaired pedestrians navigate safely with detectable tactile paving

Detectable Warning Products’ lineup of tactile warning surface consists of superior quality; heavy-duty detectable warning pavers manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO certified facilities. We provide customers and business partners with top-quality products through a sophisticated quality management system from start to finish. Tactile paving offered by Detectable Warning Products are UV-stable with homogeneous color throughout the entire panel.

As a reputable tactile paving supplier, we offer -

  • Cast-In-Place (Wet Set) Replaceable Panels
Made with the best in class material, our cast-in-place (wet set) replaceable panels are 100% replaceable. An incredibly cost – effective tactile paving solution when implementing public accessibility plans.

  • Cast-In-Place Composite Shell Pavers
Our cast-in-place composite shell pavers are durable tactile warning products permanently embedded into freshly poured concrete. A time-tested and proven option tactile paving option. Unlike our cast-in-place (wet set) panels, they cannot be removed without demolition of existing concrete for new detectable warning panel installation.

  • Surface Applied Tiles
Surface-mounted tactile pavers can be easily retrofitted into existing concrete surfaces. They are firmly secured with a strong structural adhesive, durable anchors and stainless-steel pins.

Why Choose Us

  • Superior Product Quality
Our products offer superior quality, and are significantly easier to install than many alternatives. The top quality is ensured by premium raw materials used in the production of our detectable warning panels and state of the art, ISO certified manufacturing plants.

  • Fully compliant with ADA
All our products comply with the requirements and standards set forth under the Americans with Disabilities Act, 1992.

  • Aggressive Pricing
Each year, our detectable warning panels are installed more than all other alternatives. This competitive advantage allows us to provide our customers with heavier, thicker and superior products at the same or lower price than our competitors.

  • Unmatched Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. Our dedicated staff of industry experts is available at all times to take your queries and assist you in every possible way.
Contact us today to receive a free quote for tactile paving for support or technical guidance on your next project.