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Exclusive Feb Offer: Get a Dozen Free Safety Goggles with Your Order!

Exclusive Feb Offer: Get a Dozen Free Safety Goggles with Your Order!

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Hi Everybody! Rocco Deluca, Detectable Warning Products, back again.

This month no updates on pricing, no updates on inventory. I feel bad to keep telling you the same thing over and over, even though it's great news that we're always fully stocked, and our prices are rarely changing. It's still the same thing over and over.

So, this month I'm bringing you some news on some free promotional stuff.

We're going to send you for every order over USD 1,000, going to send you a box of a dozen of these Safety Goggles. You can get them in clear or in tinted. The tinted are polarized, really good quality glasses, very strong safety goggles as well. They even come with the safety strap that you can put them around your neck with.

A lot of our Florida customers are so loving the quality of the product that they've abandoned their regular sunglasses and opted to use these. In fact, I get calls from them every once in a while, asking me if I can drop another pair off. That's the blessing of being local!

But for our national customers like you, every single order for the whole month of February, that's $1,000 or more, I will send you a box of these a dozen, and they will be not only free of charge, but there’ll be also no shipping costs. Nothing!

It's just our way of giving you something for the month of February and stimulating some winter sales.

And also, please look next month, starting March 1st, hopefully, that this product will be online and available for sale in a number of type of styles, colors, again, clear, and polarized lenses.

So, give me a call at  401- 473- 5584 or text me at that number, and you can also reach me by email Rocco@dwpnow.com.

Thank you and have an awesome February!

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