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2024 Update: No Major Price Hikes and Improved Billing Efficiency

2024 Update: No Major Price Hikes and Improved Billing Efficiency

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Hi Everybody! Rocco Deluca, Detectable Warning Products back again, this time with a quick 2024 Financial update. First, that's most important to you is that we've had no price increases on products for the first quarter of 2024, other than ADA Solutions, which is a slight increase and not the main product that you buy from us.

Secondly, and the point of my contact is that we have a DWP guarantee on getting material to you on time, every time, but on the invoices and statements I'm more like snail mail. So, in order to avoid that in the future, we've implemented a system - that you'll be getting invoices and statements on a regular periodic basis. We should have done that years ago, but I was so focused on getting materials to you quickly, that I kind of lost sight of that.

So, this is to keep our record straight, but also to make sure that you have your invoices and expenses in a timely fashion, so, you're not closing up projects with your customers and getting an expense after that point.

And one really important thing I want to stress with you and the main reason why I'm contacting you is that when you get these statements and invoices, it's not a new policy that's demanding payment or pressing you for payment. We'd like to get paid in a timely fashion, but this is just so that the paperwork stays current for you. So, if you have any questions about that or products or pricing, please reach out to me by phone at 401-473-5584, that's my cell and you'll get me directly, you can also text me there, or email me at Rocco@dwpnow.com.

Thank you, and we're looking forward to a great year together.

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