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July Update: Lock in Lower Prices

July Update: Lock in Lower Prices


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Hi everybody!

Rocco Deluca from DWP, back again with your monthly update on inventory and pricing.

This is July 2023.

July is a month that we celebrate our country's anniversary and in a couple of months we're excited to be celebrating DWP's 22nd year of specializing in Detectable Warning Panels.

And I have used that time and experience to maintain inventories and to also maintain pricing in a industry that is very volatile in both areas right now.

And the good news for July 2023 is that we don't anticipate any price increases this month.

In fact, because of some of our higher volume jobs, we've been actually lowering prices on high volume orders, and even on the low volume orders we've been able to get lower shipping prices, with gas prices being a little better now as well.

So, if you want to get in touch with me and lock in those prices or grab a hold of those inventories, you can text me at 401-473-5584, or you can call me at 401-293-4388, or as always, you can email me at Rocco@dwpnow.com.

And remember, on time every time, for the highest quality products, at the lowest cost, that's our DWP guarantee.

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