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July 2024 Update: DWP Ready with Inventory Stock for Summer & Fall Construction Season

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Hi everybody! Rocco DeLuca Detectable Warning Products back with your July 2024 update.

Today on July 3rd, was take another tractor trailer of Detectable Warning Panels into our warehouse, so that we can be fully stocked and ready for the rest of the summer and the fall construction season, and always be able to meet our guarantee - is to ship the day after you order and be on time, every time.

In relation to that, there were two main manufacturers in this industry from over 20 years ago, when the Mandate began. And they've been going strong ever since, and they've been rival competitors ever since.

A few years back, a conglomerate company bought out one of them, and a few months back that same conglomerate company bought the other one out. So, they are now under one umbrella.

And we don't know how that's going to impact pricing or inventories. We have good relationships with them, we are in open communication with them, and everyone's assuring us that everything will be okay.

But stocking our warehouses right now is kind of a little bit of a protection or a comfort zone to know that we're ready, just in case.

So, we are ready for you, whatever you have, whether it's a single panel order or 2,000 panel order, we can ship next day and we can get it to you on time.

As always, you can reach out to me by phone at 401-293-4388. You can text me at 401- 473- 5584 or you can email me Rocco@dwpnow.com

Enjoy the rest of your July and I will see you again in August!

And remember - on time, every time, at the lowest cost - that's the DWP guarantee.

Thank you.

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