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October 2023 Updates + A Hot Product Alert

October 2023 Updates + A Hot Product Alert

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Hi! Rocco Deluca from Detectable Warning Products back with your October 2023 update.

Our updates are related to pricing and inventory availability, and I have to say that 2023 has been a smooth year. We are still flush with inventory on every product and every type, material, in every color, and we've gone through this whole year with virtually no price changes.

So, if you are interested in locking in a pricing right now at these 2023 prices or holding on to inventory, please let me know as soon as possible. I can hold your pricing for the rest of the year or for the remaining of any orders on a particular project.

Interestingly, we have had a lot of calls on galvanized steel and a lot of sales in the Northwest part of the country, and in Maine, the Northeast part of the country as well. So, if you have any interest in finding out some information about that product - it is stronger than the composite panel and it's also less expensive and easier to deal within the cast iron, so, it's a great alternative.

But if you have any questions on that or anything else, please feel free to call me at 401- 293- 4388 or text me at 401- 473- 5584. I'll be happy to talk with you and answer any questions that you might have.

And remember, on time, every time, at the lowest cost - that's the DWP guarantee.

Thank you.

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