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November Update: Thanking Our Customers and Year-End Deals

November Update: Thanking Our Customers and Year-End Deals

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Hi! Rocco De Luca, Detectable Warning Products, back with your November 2023 update.

First, let me say that the month of November is considered the month of Thanksgiving, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, and I want to say thank you again for how well you've treated us and how you've reached out to us for all of your Detectable Warning Panel needs this year.

I hope that your loyalty has been based on our service to you, that we've responded quickly, showed up with what you needed, at the right prices, at the right time. So, thank you for that.

November - I guess the adage of no news is good news, is true of November. That we continue to be flush with inventory, we have had stability in our pricing, which we foresee both of those continuing, but please keep in mind, we never know what's going to happen from our manufacturers on January 1.

So, if you have any projects that you know are coming up even after the beginning of the year, be sure to reach out to us, we'll lock in pricing for you on the duration of your job and also secure the inventory so that you know it's here and ready to go when that time comes.

Also, November and December are a little bit of a slowdown up North for us, so we may have some incentives on specific products on pricing, so please reach out to us. That's something that would help you. And you can call me, text me, or email me to get any of that information.

You can call me at 401- 293- 4388. You can text me at 401- 473- 5584. Or you can always email me

I thank you again and I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving this year and we're looking forward to next month's update.

And remember, on time, every time, at the lowest cost - that's the DWP guarantee.

Thank You.

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