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Our History

Our History


We established Detectable Warning Products in 2002 just as the 2nd stage of the Detectable Warnings mandate began. At that time the mandate was established for all public & commercial right of ways, which expanded out from the original mandate associated with Railways and Subway platforms. At that time we jumped in with both feet, and became part of the Material review conferences with DOT's & DPWs of various States.

Christian Owned

We are Christian owned and started with a commitment to operate DWP with Christian principles.  We believe that God has given us this business, and He desires us to conduct it in a way that Glorifies Him. The way the bible says we glorify Him most, is when we "consider others better than ourselves" (Philippians 2:3).  So we operate our business with biblically ethical practices. In light of that, we continued to put our Customers welfare ahead of our own. 

Honoring Our Customers

We Understand that in the midst of that philosophy, we still have to run our company in a profitable way, and can’t just give our materials away. But we do Believe that honoring God’s command to consider others above ourselves, will result in Him honoring our business, and keeping us fruitful in our labor. In light of that, Honoring our customers has been the heart of our business and the evidence of our Faith.

We Offer More Than You’ll Expect

So our company’s history and its future are based on serving our customers to a level above what’s normal, causing you to rest assured that we will treat you with kindness and consideration on every order of every size. Your problems will be our problems. Your mistakes will become our responsibilities. Some companies profit most when their customers are in a pinch. We have forfeited our profits altogether when our customers have been in a bind. We will do the same for you if given the opportunity.

We Go Out of Our Way

When our customers have needed something quickly, we have always gone out of our way get it done, without charging them extra for the extra effort. The referral letters and videos on our website are evidence of how we have treated those we work FOR.

We have historically been a company committed to the welfare of our customers and will take that commitment into the future.

To request more information about our products and services, call for immediate assistance 401-473-5584 or mail us at info@dwpnow.com.

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