DWP Cares

For about 15 years or so, homelessness has weighed heavily on our hearts. Upon relocating our family to Southwest Florida, my wife and I began noticing large numbers of homeless people in and around our community. We both wanted to be involved in a very personal way, so we visited the shelter to serve meals on a regular basis. We also took many young people from the youth groups we hosted in our home to the shelter to volunteer in whatever capacity was needed. We continued to notice the large numbers of homeless growing in the area, and in addition to volunteering, we began praying for an answer to how we could PERSONALLY help on a daily basis.

The first action we took was to begin purchasing $25 gift cards to local food stores to give away, randomly and often, as we encountered the homeless at street corners and local businesses. All of these funds came from our personal income. 

Now, we feel called to take the next step and utilize DWP, Inc. as a vehicle to support the homeless and related causes. In addition, through observation and considerate conversations with those we meet and speak to on the streets of our city (and across the country), we are challenged to create solutions to address this crisis. Please know that we do not do this out of obligation, we feel immensely blessed, not just financially,  but in every possible spiritual way. And, because of these blessings, love fills us and overflows. We thank you for your continued support and invite you to stand with us as we give back to those in need.