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CAST IN PLACE: Choosing Replaceable or Non-Replaceable

CAST IN PLACE: Choosing Replaceable or Non-Replaceable

Choosing Which Type of Cast in Place:

Replaceable or Non-Replaceable?

Both of these types of Cast in Place Panels have benefits. Sometimes new products are developed to have options for different circumstances or applications.  However, the new option for Replaceable Cast in Place, is used in the same circumstance and application. So why was this New Application developed?  It was to IMPROVE the long-term performance of the Cast in Place application, by engineering a replacement process for less cost than the original installation. 


Cast-in-Place Non-Replaceable DWP's 

Cast-in-place Non-Replaceable panels were the FIRST type of DWP made available for the Federal mandate requirement for ADA Detectable Warnings.  They are meant for a permanent application (though we know NOTHING is permanent).  These panels have a STRONG hold into the concrete once it sets, and can only be removed by Jack hammering out the concrete it sits in, and if replaced, new concrete must be poured in place of the concrete that was removed.

It installs similarly to its Replaceable counterpart.  Its anchor system relies on weep holds running horizontally through the vertical fins that lie beneath the tile. These fins are pressed into the wet concrete at installation.  It is also designed with tiny air holes on the surface of the tile, that allows the captured air to escape, as the DWP is pressed into the concrete.  At times, this air will not totally escape, and will cause the Panel to Rise a bit, so it is suggested to place weights, such as sand bags, on them until the concrete sets.  It makes for a STRONG installation, but hinders any replacement that may be needed to do dome destruction or vandalizing.

You will usually see this specified on your project because the specifier is unaware or unfamiliar with the new Replaceable version.

Only 2 manufacturers (that we are aware of) still produce this DWP, and in more limited sizes and colors than the Replaceable DWP.  Because you may still have this specified on a project, DWP, Inc. continues to carry the Non-Replaceable DWP in our line or products, from both of these Manufacturers.  We want to have readily available WHATEVER type of DWP you need, no matter how few times you may need them. 

If you prefer to use the Replaceable DWP on a project where the Non-Replaceable is specified, we can provide a prepared submittal package for alternate products, for you to give your customer. We will even do the communicating with them if you choose.


Cast-in-Place Replaceable DWP's 

REPLACEABLE DWPs decrease the cost of Materials and reduce the amount of time to install Cast In Place Detectable Warning Panels.  They also make the replacement of damaged panels Fast & Easy to perform for the least skilled person.  

The anchor system design on the Replaceable DWP causes it to pierce the wet concrete as its pressed into place, unlike the Non-Replaceable that will capture air under it (as mentioned above). This makes for a quick leveling with the concrete surface, allowing you to start troweling around it, just seconds after dropping it in place.  There isn't much more to say or do when it comes to the installation of the Cast in Place Replaceable Detectable Warning Panel.

As for the "REPLACING" part, it's almost as fast to replace as the original installation, but FAR LESS Expensive than replacing the Non Replaceable panel.  You simply pop off the color matched caps covering the anchors, and unscrew the .5"x1.5" hex head, non-corrosion anchors with a ratchet. It easily lifts out of its impressed area of the concrete, and another same size panel is dropped in and screwed down, and caps put back in place. 

NOW for the $ Comparison

Always Seek to install Cast in Place REPLACEABLE DWP's when possible. When Bidding, Remember that the Non-Replaceable DWPs will cost about 20-25% more to purchase.

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