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Installation Of ADA Detectable Warning Panels — Cast In Place & Surface Applied

March 26, 2020

Installation Of ADA Detectable Warning Panels — Cast In Place & Surface Applied

If you are undertaking a construction project — a new sidewalk or a walkway from with high-density traffic, you are going to need ADA-compliant truncated dome tiles. In this blog, we are going to tell you how to install cast in place and surface applied tiles. For installation on new concrete pours, you would need the cast-in-place — to drop it down in the wet concrete (the concrete adheres to the footpegs). For installation on pre-existing cured concrete, your application would have to include the surface applied tile.

Cast in Place

Once you have poured your concrete at a four to seven slope range, you would need to apply it about six to eight inches from the curb. After you hand tap it in all four corners through the middle, that's when you can go in with your trial and finish. Once the concrete is cured, you can take the protective film off the access tile.

Surface Applied

Surface applied truncated dome tiles come with a tube of adhesive as well as nails that go in. You have to drill holes in the corners and the middle of the perimeter of the tile. First of all, you want to lay the tile down in the area that you're going to be applying it. Markdown the perimeter. To get the nails in, you will need a concrete bit — one-quarter inch — and you will drill three inches in deep. Use an angle grinder to smooth down the surface you are applying it in a cross pattern and across the perimeters as well. After that, you will need to take the tactile bond seal agent that comes with it. Put a bead around the perimeter and through the middle. Sit it down in your marking and place your fasteners that also come with it and the desired holes. After that, you come back with what's left of your tactile bondage seal and go around the perimeter of your access tile.

Detectable Warning Panels by Detectable Warning Products (DWP)

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