Detectable Warning Panels: Choosing a Product

January 09, 2020

Detectable Warning Panels: Choosing a Product

Whether you need detectable warning panels (tactile paving) for a local government project or a private business, there are tactile for sale to suit virtually every requirement. However, it is important to ensure that you are selecting the right product because detectable warning panels come in many different types, sizes, and colors. The choice of the panel varies depending on the application. Here are 4 of the most popular detectable warning tactile system products that you can choose from –

  • Cast-in-Place- The cast-in-place panels are pressed into freshly poured concrete and are ideal for use in new construction projects, such as new curb ramps. Made with a long-lasting exterior homogenous glass, carbon, and fiberglass-reinforced composite, cast-in=place tactiles for sale are a durable solution for any project or weather. The thick, heavy panel and sturdy embedment ribs ensure a strong bond and superior structural support. These detectable warning panels also have plastic sheet protection that covers the entire surface of the panels.

  • Cast in Place Replaceable (Wet-Set) - The replaceable (wet set) version of cast-in-place detectable warning panels is anchored by solid steel, extra heavy-duty, “unboltable” anchoring system. The pre-installed anchors allow for easy insertion and embedment into fresh concrete, which ensures fast installation. The replacement is even faster.

  • Surface Applied- Surface applied detectable warning panels are a perfect solution for retrofitting projects (applying panels over the existing concrete surface), and can also be used in new construction. Available in both rectangular and radius, surface applied detectable warning panels feature large perimeter beveled edges that provide a smooth transition. Color-matched fasteners and structural adhesives make tactile surface installation easy and secure.

  • Radius System - Radius systems are curved tactile systems designed to help quality-conscious contractors, engineers, architects, project managers, and government representatives to accommodate radius conditions successfully with ease and accuracy, while still remaining compliant. To determine accurate panel quantity, and cut dimensions for each installation with specific radius conditions, you can use an ADA radius calculator.


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